welcome to my page

I build AI-powered products and explore new ways to utilize artificial intelligence to make a positive impact. Until recently I served as a CTO of Ascent Robotics. Currently building something new.

My primary interests are human cognition, artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer simulation.

You can find some of my writing on these subjects here or on Medium.

Some of the projects I worked on:

Simulate user surveys and focus groups using AI.
BTC vibes
Daily Bitcoin sentiment analysis by AI.
YouTube Scribe
Get summaries and transcripts of YouTube videos in a dozen different languages.
Delphi AI
App for Q&A and information retrieval from documents.
Safari web extension for website summarization using OpenAI GPT3.
Raycast OpenAI GPT
An OpenAI GPT extension for Raycast.
AI-generated (by Whisper) transcripts of the Huberman Lab Podcast.
Shallow Sleep
A collaborative multimedia project that combines AI and poetry.
Ascent Robotics
Robotics solution for material handling in factories and warehouses.
Robotics Industry Trends and Perspectives
Panel discussion about robotics industry.
Presentations on AI Agents
Two-part presentation on AI Agents for the Ai4ALL Hackathon.
Introduction to AI
Lecture about AI for the Bitcoin community in Belgrade, Serbia.
Robotics x Tokyo
Robotics community and meetup in Tokyo Japan.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to get in touch, please feel free to reach out to me at any of the social sites below.